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Conspirabytes offer insights into the murky world of conspirators, conspiracies and conspiracy theories! We believe we're living in a time when we seek answers. But haven't humans always sought answers? We once found those answers in our belief in gods, religion, superstition, and the observation of nature. We then questioned our understanding of everything through philosophy, and now faith that science will answer our fundamental questions prevails. But conspiracies and conspiracy theories play an important role! Yes really. They epitomise our need to fill the gaps in our understanding of the world around us, and more importantly the society in which we live. Read More
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Adamites practising nudity
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Learn about the Adamites, a controversial Christian mystic group seeking to return to prelapsarian innocence. Discover their beliefs, challenges, and legacy in the quest for spiritual renewal.

Image captures the essence of the Regius Manuscript, with aged parchment, Middle English script, and Freemasonry symbols
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The Regius Manuscript, also known as the “Halliwell Manuscript,” is one of the oldest known documents related to Freemasonry, dating back to approximately 1390. It’s written in Middle English verse and is considered a crucial piece of evidence for the early history of Freemasonry in England. The authorship of the Regius Manuscript is unknown. The …

The Regius Manuscript, the Masonic Constitution? Read More »

Depiction of the Knights Templar in battle against Moorish fighters
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Explore the history of the Knights Templar, from their origins to downfall by King Philip IV of France. Learn about their legacy of piety, warfare, and economic innovation.

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Explore the history of the Cathars, a Christian sect in France during the 12th and 13th centuries, and their persecution by the Roman Catholic Church. Learn about the connections between Pope Innocent III, the Crusades, and the signing of the Magna Carta.

A visual representation of the persecution of the Cathars, capturing the tense and sorrowful atmosphere of their tragic history
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Discover the clash between Pope Innocent III and King John, leading to the Magna Carta. This pivotal document shapes legal systems, protects rights, and inspires justice and freedom.

Mystical scene inspired by Gnostic beliefs, featuring an ancient, dimly-lit library filled with scrolls and manuscripts
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Explore ancient Gnostic beliefs on light vs darkness, spiritual vs material worlds. Inspiring curiosity in modern spirituality and philosophy.

image inspired by our chat about the Pythagorean Brotherhood. It captures the mystical and philosophical essence of their gatherings in ancient Greece.
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Uncover the enigmatic beginnings and downfall of The Pythagorean Brotherhood, an ancient secret society founded by Pythagoras. Delve into their beliefs in math, philosophy, and mysticism.

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Explore the Temple of Solomon, a symbol revered in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Uncover its mysteries that have inspired religious thought for centuries.

Dall·e The Mystery And Allure Of Atlantis, Inspired By Various Theories About Its Existence.
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Explore the intriguing myth of Atlantis, a legendary advanced city ruled by superhumans, that conquered Europe and Africa, sparking theories and awe till now. (194 characters)

A Mystical And Ancient Boat, Large Enough To Carry Pairs Of Various Animals, Sails Through Vast Waters Under A Stormy Sky Filled With Dark, Swirling Clouds
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Explore the link between flood myths and ancient sea level changes. Uncover how these tales reveal the connection between myth, history, and climate science.

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