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Philosophy is a discipline that seeks to answer some of life’s most fundamental questions. It is an inquiry into the nature of reality, the meaning of existence, and the principles that govern human behaviour. From the ancient Greeks to modern thinkers, philosophy has played a critical role in shaping the way we understand ourselves and the world around us.

Join Steff as he explores the rich and diverse world of philosophy, examining some of its key concepts and thinkers. We’ll delve into the major branches of philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics, and explore the central questions they seek to answer. We’ll also examine the historical context in which these ideas emerged and the impact they have had on the development of human civilisation.

Through this exploration, we hope to deepen our understanding of the human condition and gain a greater appreciation for the rich and varied history of philosophical thought. By engaging with these ideas and exploring the different perspectives they offer, we can broaden our horizons, challenge our assumptions, and gain valuable insights into the complex and fascinating world we inhabit.

Latest posts:
Image captures the essence of the Regius Manuscript, with aged parchment, Middle English script, and Freemasonry symbols

The Regius Manuscript, the Masonic Constitution?

The Regius Manuscript, also known as the “Halliwell Manuscript,” is one of the oldest known documents related to Freemasonry, dating back to approximately 1390. It’s written in Middle English verse and is considered a crucial piece of evidence for the early history of Freemasonry in ...
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The Cathars, a Pope, the Magna Carta, and Heresy: Historical Connections

Explore the history of the Cathars, a Christian sect in France during the 12th and 13th centuries, and their persecution by the Roman Catholic Church. Learn about the connections between Pope Innocent III, the Crusades, and the signing of the Magna Carta.
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captures the essence of the Stoic philosopher and his timeless wisdom

Seneca: The Stoic Sage and His Timeless Wisdom

Learn about Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca's wisdom on managing emotions, wealth, and power in this insightful post. Get practical advice for life's complexities.
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Image inspired by the article on Donald Hoffman's philosophy. It visually represents the concepts discussed in the article, such as perception, consciousness, and the illusion of reality through a stylized and surreal depiction.

The Reality Illusion: How Donald Hoffman Questions Our View of the World

Explore Donald Hoffman's theory questioning reality, suggesting our perception may not align with truth. Dive into Conscious Realism and see how our consciousness shapes the universe in unexpected ways.
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Thomas Pogge: Global Ethics, Fighting Inequality with Solutions

Discover philosopher Thomas Pogge's influential work on justice, equity, and global poverty, offering practical solutions to pressing global challenges.
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Image inspired by Michael Sandel and the themes discussed in the article. It's designed to reflect concepts of justice, community, and public discourse within a vibrant, contemporary setting

Michael Sandel’s Influence on Morality and Democracy

Explore the work of Michael J. Sandel, a famous political philosopher, known for his lectures on justice, ethics, and democracy. Learn about the impact of market society on values and delve into his insights on democracy and public discourse through his books and online resources.
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