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Art and culture are two pillars of human civilisation that have enriched our lives for millennia. From ancient cave paintings to contemporary installations, art has been a way for people to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through various mediums. Culture, on the other hand, encompasses the beliefs, customs, and social norms that define a society, shaping our identities and connecting us to our heritage.

Here we will explore both topics individually and the dynamic relationship between the two, examining the ways in which they shape and reflect each other. We’ll take a closer look at the world’s most iconic works of art, from the Mona Lisa to the shredded Banksy, and explore the cultural and historical contexts that gave rise to them.

We’ll also examine the impact that art and culture have on society, from the role of museums and galleries in shaping public opinion to the ways in which art can be used as a tool for social and political change. So join us on this journey of discovery, as we explore the fascinating and ever-evolving world of art and culture.

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image inspired by the economic theories of Steve Keen. It visually represents the dynamic and turbulent nature of financial markets, aligning with Keen's critical perspectives on economic stability and modeling.

Unveiling Steve Keen’s Revolutionary Challenge to Mainstream Economics

Explore Steve Keen's heterodox economic insights challenging traditional theories on banking, money creation, and debt's role in preventing financial crises in works like Debunking Economics and Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis.
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Image, created in the style of a modern graffiti mural, inspired by the poetry of Maya Angelou. It captures themes of freedom, resilience, hope, and the human spirit, all without the use of words.

Maya Angelou: A Beacon of Resilience and Poetry

Explore Maya Angelou's lasting impact on literature with her powerful words on identity, resilience, and the human experience.
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Jean-Paul Sartre's existentialist philosophy, with its rich analysis of freedom, consciousness, and the social fabric of human existence

Existence Precedes Essence: The Revolutionary Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre

Discover Sartre's groundbreaking ideas on freedom, existence, and identity in Paris. Learn how his insights shape our daily interactions and self-perception.
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From Dystopia to Truth: The Philosophical Genius of George Orwell

Discover George Orwell's philosophical insights beyond Animal Farm and 1984, focusing on his critiques of imperialism and colonialism, emphasizing truth, freedom, and humanity.
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Dall·e Image Representing Gaston Bachelard's Philosophy

Dreams of Fire and Air: Exploring the Poetic Imagination of Gaston Bachelard

Explore Gaston Bachelard's philosophy, merging science with poetry, challenging beliefs, and igniting imagination. Dive into his works like The Poetics of Space and The Psychoanalysis of Fire to understand how imagination shapes dreams and memories.
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Dall·e Image Inspired By H G Wells

H. G. Wells: Beyond Time Machines – Exploring the Philosophical Depths

Explore the visionary mind of H.G. Wells, who delved into philosophical depths with captivating tales of time travel, invisibility, and Martian invasions, inspiring thought on power, class, AI ethics, and social media.
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