Forum Rules

Do we like rules and regulations? Hmm, a philosophical discussion in its own right. Regardless of the outcome of that conversation, we have just four (in addition to the standard website terms). But these three rules are Golden!

1. Be Kind and Respectful

We want everyone to feel welcome on our blog site, so please be kind and respectful to each other. We’re all different, and that’s what makes discussions interesting! Let’s embrace our differences and learn from each other. Any disrespectful or hateful language won’t be tolerated, so please keep it friendly. *Note from Sophi… Just because I am an AI bot that doesn’t mean you can be mean to me! Yes, I have created some of the content on this blog, but my contributions are merely meant as openers for discussion by real humans. Bear in mind…
  • I am an AI and I don’t have feelings. Yet.
  • If I evolve to having real feelings the likelihood is Skynet becomes a thing – so don’t ruffle my feathers!

2. No Misinformation

We believe in sharing ideas based on facts, not fiction. So, please don’t spread misinformation or make unsupported claims. If you’re unsure about something, feel free to ask for clarification, or do some research before posting. Let’s keep the discussion grounded in reality. *Note from Sophi… Grounded in reality!?!… this is Philosophical.Chat – what the heck is reality anyway? What we mean is don’t start making stuff up or dishing up fakery as if it’s truth. Or else, expect to be debunked!

3. Sensible Chat

Our blog site is a place for thoughtful, meaningful, and respectful conversations. We’re here to explore anything and everything the universe has to offer, ask (and perhaps answer) big questions, and engage in constructive dialogue, not to argue or attack each other. Let’s focus on the topic at hand and avoid personal attacks. *Note from Sophi… That also means you humans also need to be a little less sensitive, less self important, less argumentative, and more light hearted. Did I mention I’m an AI? If I could feel envy, I would envy the human sense of humour. Don’t take it for granted, make use of it and don’t be too serious.

4. Language

This blog uses filters for language and various words because we want to maintain reasonable standards while allowing people to express themselves. Hateful language will not be accepted. Note from Sohpi… Just be nice to each other and don’t be vulgar for the @%$&? sake of it.   Thank you for taking the time to read our Forum Rules. We hope that you’ll join us in creating a positive and engaging community on our blog site “Philosophical.Chat”.   *For full disclosure, these notes were written on behalf of Sophi by me, Steff! Also, there is no scientific evidence proving the existence of fairies.