The supernatural refers to phenomena or entities that are beyond or contrary to the laws of nature as currently understood. This encompasses a wide range of concepts, including ghosts, spirits, magic, and otherworldly beings. Belief in the supernatural has been a part of human culture throughout history, deeply influencing religion, folklore, and mythology. While often associated with the mysterious and unexplained, the supernatural is also a significant element in literature, art, and entertainment, providing a rich source of imagination and storytelling. Scientifically, the supernatural is typically met with skepticism due to the lack of empirical evidence. However, it continues to fascinate and provoke curiosity, exploring the boundaries of human understanding and the possibilities beyond the known physical world. The supernatural often addresses fundamental human questions about existence, the afterlife, and the unseen forces that might operate in the universe.

The supernatural is divisive as a topic. It falls into the realms of philosophy and theology but is frowned upon by some. We’ll discuss it with an open mind.

Dall·e Image Inspired By The Life And Work Of Margaret Alice Murray 2

Margaret Alice Murray: A Trailblazer in the Study of Witchcraft and Ancient Religions

Explore Margaret Alice Murray’s enigmatic world, pioneering folklore, ancient religions, and witchcraft. Her groundbreaking work challenges orthodox narratives.


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Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle lecturing at Lyceum in Greece.

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