Western Philosophy

Explore the rich tapestry of Western philosophy, a journey from ancient Greek inquiries to contemporary thought. Beginning with the Presocratics, who introduced fundamental questions about nature and existence, we move to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, shaping ethics, politics, and metaphysics. The Medieval period saw St. Augustine and Aquinas integrating Christian theology. The Enlightenment brought revolutionary ideas with Descartes’ rationalism, Locke’s empiricism, and Kant’s exploration of morality. Utilitarianism emerged with Bentham and Mill, while existentialism developed through Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Sartre. Today, Western philosophy continues to evolve, addressing complex questions in our ever-changing world.

An image inspired by the philosophies of John Searle. It visually represents the intersection of mind, language, and reality, exploring the nuanced contrast between human consciousness and artificial intelligence, as well as the role of language as both a connector and divider in understanding and intentionality.

John Searle: Minds, Machines, and the Making of Meaning

Explore John Searle’s innovative ideas challenging AI limits and delving into consciousness. Discover his works on intentionality, social reality, and philosophy of mind.

This visual captures the essence of his work across mathematics, mind, language, and science, embodying the depth and complexity of his contributions.

Hilary Putnam: From Mathematics to Meaning

Follow Hilary Putnam’s journey from math to influential philosopher in mind, language, and science. Learn about his pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach to unraveling human mysteries.