Islamic Philosophy

Ages Of Philosophy

The Seven Ages of Philosophy

Explore diverse Eastern philosophies from China, India, Japan, and Persia. Uncover ancient to Medieval thinkers and themes shaping our understanding of life, ethics, and metaphysics.

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Averroes: Unveiling the Light of Reason in Medieval Philosophy

Discover the incredible life and intellectual journey of Averroes, a brilliant polymath who challenged and enriched the intellectual landscapes of both the Islamic and Christian worlds in the Dark Ages. His revolutionary ideas, such as the unity of intellect and the eternity of the universe, continue to inspire dialogues between science and religion in our modern, polarized world.

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Exploring the Intellectual Galaxy of Ibn Bajja aka Avempace

Discover the captivating world of Ibn Bajja, a remarkable polymath from the Islamic Golden Age. Immerse yourself in his thought-provoking ideas on combining faith and reason, and embark on a personal journey towards moral and intellectual excellence.

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Al-Ghazali: The Sage of the Islamic Golden Age

Discover the influential life and profound teachings of Al-Ghazali, a beacon of Islamic thought during the Golden Age. From his critical examination of philosophical schools to his embrace of Sufism, his work continues to shape contemporary discussions on spirituality and ethics, making him a must-read for those seeking a deeper understanding of Islamic intellectual history.

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Avicenna’s metaphysics of existence

Discover how Avicenna’s metaphysics of existence, rooted in Aristotelian and Neoplatonic ideas, shaped the course of philosophy for centuries. Explore his concepts of essence and existence, the role of the Necessary Being, and the influence on subsequent philosophical discourse, all within an Islamic framework.

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Avicenna’s Contributions to Epistemology

Discover the groundbreaking epistemology of Avicenna, a renowned philosopher whose theories combine empirical observation with rational deduction. Dive into his exploration of innate knowledge and the role of the Active Intellect, and understand how his insights shaped the foundations of modern philosophy and scientific approaches to the human mind.

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Avicenna’s floating man.

Discover the captivating thought experiment of Avicenna’s Floating Man, which delves into the nature of consciousness, self-awareness, and the existence of the soul. This intriguing exploration highlights the fundamental aspects of human knowledge and existence, offering profound insights into the mind-body relationship.

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Avicenna: The Persian Polymath Who Bridged Ancient and Modern Thought

Embark on a journey through the annals of philosophy with Avicenna, the medieval maverick who shaped Western thought. Mastering fields like medicine, astronomy, and philosophy, his unique blend of Aristotelian philosophy and Islamic theology continues to inspire and influence diverse fields, from medicine to psychology.

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Al-Kindi: A Journey into the Heart of Early Islamic Philosophy

Discover the remarkable legacy of Al-Kindi, an illuminator of contrasting eras who bridged the gap between ancient Greek philosophy and Islamic theology. His groundbreaking emphasis on reason and intellect continues to inspire contemporary philosophical discussions and foster intercultural understanding in the pursuit of truth.