Normative Ethics

Normative ethics is concerned with providing principles or rules that guide individuals in determining what actions are morally right or wrong. It seeks to establish ethical standards and evaluate the moral implications of different actions.

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Beyond Good and Evil: Exploring the Complex Mind of Friedrich Nietzsche

Explore Friedrich Nietzsche’s captivating and provocative ideas that challenge conventional thought on morality, religion, and philosophy, offering new perspectives on truth, culture, and human potential.

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Proclus: The Last Great Neoplatonist of Antiquity

Discover the profound insights of philosopher Proclus, the last great torchbearer of Neoplatonism, as he intertwines metaphysics, mathematics, and mysticism to bridge the gap between the earthly and the divine. Unveiling his unique perspective on reality, Proclus believed that through virtue and philosophical contemplation, the soul could ascend from the material realm to reunite with ‘The One’.

a panoramic visual representation of the blend between ancient Islamic and Greek philosophies, in line with the themes of Al-Farabi's intellectual journey and contributions

Al-Farabi’s Quest: Blending Reason and Revelation

Embark on a captivating journey through the mind of Al-Farabi, the brilliant philosopher who merged reason and revelation. Discover how his profound insights shaped Islamic philosophy and continue to influence contemporary debates on faith and reason.

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Socrates: A Journey Through the Life and Ideas of a Philosophical Maverick

Discover the captivating life and teachings of Socrates, the enigmatic philosopher who roamed the streets of ancient Athens, relentlessly questioning the world around him. Uncover the power of self-examination and the enduring legacy of this remarkable thinker in our modern lives.

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Plato: The Philosopher Who Shaped Western Thought

Embark on a fascinating journey into the life and enduring legacy of Plato, the towering figure whose contributions to philosophy, politics, and ethics continue to shape Western thought. Discover the holistic view of ethics and the pursuit of knowledge that Plato’s work offers, leaving an immeasurable influence on philosophy, science, and our understanding of a good life.