Philosophy of Reason

The Philosophy of Reason investigates the essence and role of reason in human life. It explores the principles and validity of logical thinking, reasoning methods, and the rationality of beliefs and actions. Classical philosophers like Plato and Aristotle established reason as the distinguishing feature of humanity. The Age of Enlightenment, with luminaries like Descartes and Kant, celebrated reason as the path to knowledge and moral judgment. Contemporary debates scrutinise the limits of reason, its relationship with emotion, and its standing in a post-truth society. This philosophical branch is integral to our pursuit of truth, ethics, and understanding in an increasingly complex world.

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Franz Brentano: The Mastermind Behind Psychological Philosophy

Learn how Franz Brentano’s work shaped psychological philosophy. Discover his insights on mental phenomena and influence on influential figures in various fields, including politics.

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The Witty Enlightenment: Exploring Voltaire’s Philosophical Legacy

Explore Voltaire, the philosopher who challenged tyranny and defended free speech, shaping modern debates on civil liberties. His legacy remains relevant today as in the Enlightenment.


St. Augustine: Bridging Faith and Reason

Uncover the profound teachings of St. Augustine, a philosopher who masterfully intertwined faith and reason. Journey through his extraordinary life and explore his revolutionary concepts of sin, grace, predestination, and the influential impact he has had on Christian theology and Western philosophy.

Portrait of Kant

Unveiling Immanuel Kant’s Revolutionary Philosophy: Essential Guide to His Ideas and Legacy

Step into the whimsical world of Immanuel Kant and unravel the profound impact he had on philosophy. From groundbreaking ideas that challenged traditional beliefs to paving the way for new realms of thought, discover why Kant’s genius continues to shape our understanding of the world today.